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Your Historic Love Story

One of the great American love stories played out in Morristown, New Jersey.  In the winter of 1779, Betsey, or Eliza, Schuyler visited Morristown and stayed with the Jabez Campfield family, neighbors to the Ford family.  That winter none other than General George Washington and his aide-de-camp, Alexander Hamilton, were living next door at the Ford Mansion.  On his way to town, he encountered Betsey, “the girl next door,” and courted her.  Later, in 1780, they were married in Albany, NY at the home of her parents, General and Mrs. Philip Schuyler.

Their love story has long been associated with Morristown, and remains a legacy for local couples considering tying the knot.  Review our Morris County Wedding Pages and see if there are venues and bridal services that might meet your expectations for “an historic wedding!”

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