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On-going Exhibits & Contests

Morris Museum- A Smithsonian Affiliate

April 2021,  public hours are weekends ONLY.

11-5 on Saturday, and Noon-5 on Sunday

(with the 11AM hour for members only).


Threads of Consciousness: The Tapestries of Jon Eric Riis

November 20, 2020- May 2, 2021

Contemporary tapestry artist Jon Eric Riis is internationally acclaimed for his opulent work in woven silk and metallic thread, often embellished with pearls, gemstone beads, and crystals. Art history, religion, non-western cultures, and topical issues serve as sources of inspiration for his handwoven narratives that strike a balance between social commentary and virtuoso craftsmanship.

Natural Essence—Motion Perceived

April 10, 2021-August 15, 2021

Visitors are invited to contemplate the hidden beauty and majesty of movement in nature through Natural Essence—Motion Perceived. This exhibition examines humanity’s relationship to the natural world through a captivating collection of kinetic and illusory works. The four featured artists find beauty in everyday materials, transforming them to reflect natural phenomena—from the subterranean depths below to the cosmos above—that evoke woodland sprites in flight, lizards among colorful flora, glimpses of ocean waves, tinted grains of sand, and more.


Museum of Early Trades & Crafts 

METC is a history museum specifically about New Jersey and the people who lived and worked here from the colonial era through the age of industrialization. And as such, we explore, interpret and help our visitors understand the history and culture of the past and how it impacts our lives today. We are fortunate to have a robust collection of artifacts from which we can craft a story and create interpretive and informative exhibits that fulfill our mission.

The Museum features a number of permanent exhibits, described below. We also mount special exhibits in our Main Gallery, which rotate approximately twice a year. There is always something new to see here at METC – please stay tuned for what is coming up next!

Cholera to COVID-19

Epidemics, Pandemics & Disease

Disease knows no gender, age, class, ethnicity, or country borders. At the end of 2019, a new disease emerged, COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus. COVID-19 has affected the lives of millions in America and billions across the globe. However, this is not the first disease to exert its influence on a national or global scale.

Cholera to COVID-19: Epidemics, Pandemics, & Disease, explores infectious diseases that plagued our nation in the 18th and 19th centuries such as smallpox, yellow fever, cholera, typhoid, and tuberculosis. These diseases provide a unique perspective from which to view the vast improvements in medical practice, healthcare technology, hygiene, sanitation, and overall scientific knowledge of germs, vaccines, and the origin of disease. Walk through this exhibit and examine the resources, tools, and techniques used to diagnose and treat patients during these historic outbreaks. This exhibit intends to reveal the pervasive impact disease had upon daily life, but more importantly how resilient Americans were throughout instances of widespread illness.

Working the Land: Life, Family & Change in Early 1800s New Jersey

This exhibit tells the stories of those men and women who lived in New Jersey during the early 1800’s, exploring the tools and strategies that helped the people of the time meet the challenges of working the land. One of the focal points is discussions about “moments of change” which include new technologies, innovations, adaptations and breakthrough inventions that would eventually alter people’s lives.

Working with award winning exhibit designers, graphic artists, master millworkers and technicians, the new exhibit presents a story of daily life, struggle, ingenuity, families, hard work, and the human connection to the earth.

Explore the exhibit online! Click here to take 3-D tour of Working the Land: Life, Family & Change in Early 1800s New Jersey.



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