Long Valley is an unincorporated community and census-designated place located within Washington Township, in Morris County, New Jersey.  It was also known as German Valley from its founding during the Colonial era c. 1798.  The community was renamed in response to anti-German sentiment during World War I.  A large portion of Washington Township is occupied by Schooley’s Mountain, which was probably America’s earliest summer resort. The pure mountain air, the romantic surroundings, and the mineral spring attracted people to this area. The Lenape Indians had long known about the waters which drew healing powers from the iron deposits found in the nearby mountains.

Historic highlight:

There was treasure in Schooley’s Mountain here, but it wasn’t gold. It was pure chalybeate mineral water known for its healing powers, better known as the famous Schooley’s Mountain Spring. After it was discovered in the last half of the 1700s, a slow transformation into a mountain health retreat followed. In the 1800s luxurious hotels were built with access to the spring’s outlet nearly a mile down the mountain. Guests included the Vanderbilts and Roosevelts, Thomas Edison and U.S. Presidents Ulysses S. Grant and Benjamin Harrison.

Things to do:

The Obadiah Latourette Grist and Saw Mill was built c. 1750 and also housed the offices of Dr. Eugene Blass of the Eastern American Oxygen Therapy Association after WWII.  To visit the mill, you can call 908-876-5986 for a tour or stop by between 10-2 on a Saturday. But be careful-there may be a chore with your name on it.  Read more

The Neighbour House B & B on West Mill Road was most likely built by Jacob Weisse Neighbour, a direct descendant of Leanhart Nachbar, one of the founding fathers who arrived in 1738.

Long Valley Township was started in the Middle Valley area in 1732 by Samuel Schwachhamer. The Raritan Inn was once the home of Lawrence Hager Trimmer who built his lovely Victorian home over the foundation of the original Schwachhamer homestead.

Hacklebarney State Park, the Valley Shepherd Creamery, Ort Farms, Schooley’s Mountain State Park, and the Hacklebarney Farm Cider Mill welcome visitors.  Also the Long Valley Brew Pub and Brewery at Restaurant Village, and its eateries, are local favorites.

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