St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

121 South Street * Morristown * NJ 07960

The beautiful, Gothic-style St. Peter’s Church is a treasure trove of historical architecture and design. The altar, installed in 1892, is dedicated to Bishop George Doane, the Second Bishop of New Jersey. In the chapel, a banner depicting “The Good Shepherd” is based on the one in the Catacombs of Rome, except the background fabric is from a parishioner’s wedding dress. The Italian marble altar was installed in 1926, and the unique niche pulpit is in a similar style to many 14th century English parish churches.

Among the finest treasures of St. Peter’s are the beautiful stained glass windows. Several visits would be needed to fully appreciate the richness of color and the exquisite details of the designs. Except for two windows, they are made from English glass of the type used in the fourteenth century.  James Powell and Sons of Whitefriars Glass Works in London, in business then for 200 years, won the commission.  The windows were installed over a period from 1910-1926.  The last stained glass window to be installed is located in the stairway going up to the niche pulpit in the chapel. This is the design and work of Morristown artist Mimi Starrett and was installed in 1988.  A Tiffany window was installed in 1894.

Of Special Note:
• The church’s historic graveyard dates back to the 1830s
• Each of the tower’s 47 bells have come from England, with the earliest having arrived in 1922


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