Ralston Cider Mill Museum

336 Mendham Rd W * Mendham * NJ 07945 May Sun 1pm-5pm | Sept last two weeks Sun 1pm-5pm | Oct Sat-Sun 1pm-5pm

Experience the last authentic vestige of the once thriving cider and applejack industry in New Jersey. Discover the hidden still that allowed this distillery to operate through Prohibition. Sense the massive stone walls and heavy timber structure built in 1848. See how water power is transferred by shafts, pulleys and belts to drive conveyors, chopper and large, powerful presses. Observe the actual operation of the equipment as millers explain its operation. View a video of the complete process of pressing apples to make cider. Learn the history of apples and their importance to the development of our country. This is the Ralston Cider Mill, the only operational cider mill functioning as a privately funded not for profit museum and educational experience for students of all ages. See the actual pressing of apples in October. Visit ralstoncidermill.org for pressing date and for more information on this historic site listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places.

Of Special Note:

  • John Ralston Nesbitt and his mother, Mary Ann Nesbitt, constructed a gristmill next to Burnett Brook in Mendham in 1848 which was converted to a distillery in 1910       
  • The grounds at the Ralston Cider Mill provide a unique setting for open air or tented meetings or special events on the grassland and wooded areas adjacent to the mill and along the mill brook
  • The Jerseyman newspaper noted in 1884: “Morris is said to be the greatest applejack producing county in the United States and Mendham is the leading township in the county”                  

Morris County, located 30 miles west of NYC, is home to some of America’s most important history and culture just waiting for you to explore. Start by walking in the footsteps of Revolutionary icons such as George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, then pick apples right off the tree at one of our verdant farms and end your day having a delicious dinner; discover how to make my weekend Morris County!
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