Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and flavors of history with a visit to the Ralston Cider Mill. Built in 1848 and converted to a cider mill in 1910, the Ralston Cider Mill produced cider, hard cider, and distilled applejack both before and throughout Prohibition. Today, visitors can tour the mill, see the original machinery in operation, taste fresh cider, and discover the history of agriculture, industry, and bootlegging in New Jersey. This venue hosts weddings and other special occasions with an historic flair.

In 1848, John Ralston Nesbitt and his mother, Mary Ann Nesbitt, built a gristmill next to Burnett Brook in Mendham. Today, the stone-walled Ralston Cider Mill is the only operational cider mill functioning as a privately funded, not-for-profit museum. Each October, visitors can watch traditional apple pressing in person, as the millers explain how water power transferred by shafts, pulleys and belts drives the large, powerful presses.

Of Special Note:
• The cider mill was converted into a distillery in 1910
• A hidden still allowed the distillery to operate through Prohibition
• In 1884, the Jerseyman newspaper noted: “Morris is said to be the greatest applejack producing county in the United States and Mendham is the leading township in the county”

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336 Mendham Rd W * Mendham * NJ 07945

May Sun 1pm-5pm | Sept last two weeks Sun 1pm-5pm | Oct Sat-Sun 1pm-5pm


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