Pyramid Mtn. Natural Hist. Area

Pyramid Mountain’s 1,545 acres of rugged trails, fields, forests and wetlands are a cherished local favorite. Roughly 18,000 years ago, the receding Wisconsin Glacier shaped the unusual glacial erratics found here, like Tripod Rock (a 180-ton boulder balanced on three smaller boulders) and Bear Rock (one of the largest in New Jersey)

This wilderness, virtually untouched for decades, is now a significant wildlife sanctuary. The park’s highest point is 934 feet, with a magnificent view of the New York City skyline.

After an exhilarating hike on the trails, come inside the Pyramid Mountain Visitors Center to experience a variety of interactive educational exhibits about the history and wildlife of the area, including the Lenape Indians and early European settlers, habitats, and how the Wisconsin Glacier shaped the land. Adult and children’s programs, and scout and school programs are offered year-round, as well as summer camp.

Of Special Note:

  • The Visitors Center has exhibits on the Lenape Indians, Wisconsin Glacier, wildlife and more
  • The Visitors Center is open seven days a week
  • Managed by the Morris County Park Commission


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