Morristown Beautiful, Inc.

46 Washington Street * Morristown * NJ 07960 Every Day: 9am-5pm

The goal of Morristown Beautiful is to preserve, enhance and sustain the quality of life and environment that have made Morristown a green and welcoming community for over 300 years. The organization was incorporated in 1974.

Morristown Beautiful was the brainchild of Glenn K. Coutts, a native Morristonian and civic leader. As the 1973 Morristown Rotary Club president, Coutts traveled to Lucerne, Switzerland for an international Rotary Club conference and was smitten by that town’s beauty. Once back, he proposed that the Morristown Rotary initiate a beautification campaign here. Soon, the town’s government, schools, business community and other organizations signed on to the plan and it became a town-wide project.

Of Special Note:

  • Coutts served as Morristown Beautiful president for over 40 years

Morris County, located 30 miles west of NYC, is home to some of America’s most important history and culture just waiting for you to explore. Start by walking in the footsteps of Revolutionary icons such as George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, then pick apples right off the tree at one of our verdant farms and end your day having a delicious dinner; discover how to make my weekend Morris County!
6 Court St. Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: 973-631-5151
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6 Court St. Morristown, NJ 07960
973-631-5151 [email protected]