Morris County Hist. Soc. at Acorn Hall

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Morris County Historical Society at Acorn Hall

Acorn Hall (the headquarters of the Morris County Historical Society) was originally built as a modest private residence in 1853. In 1860, the Augustus Crane family renovated and enlarged it, turning it into the Victorian Italiante mansion it is today. Acorn Hall is noted for its preserved mid-Victorian era furnishings, fabrics and artworks, many of which are original to the Crane family.

The Morris County Historical Society regularly hosts cultural exhibits at Acorn Hall. The Gallery Gift Shop sells a popular variety of Victorian-inspired locally made gifts.

Of Special Note:

  • Acorn Hall now reflects its historically accurate 1860-1880 paint scheme in colors owner Augustus Crane would have chosen for his recently renovated “country home,” which is located two miles from the Morristown Green.
  • Acorn Hall is listed on the NJ Women’s Heritage Trail thanks to the preservation efforts of its last resident, Mary Crane Hone
  • Acorn Hall was featured on the cover of Old House Journal magazine, as well as in the Tim Janis production, Buttons.

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