L’Ecole: The Kinnelon Museum

Explore the intriguing history of Kinnelon’s pioneering residents at the Kinnelon Museum. The museum is housed in the one-room Meadtown Schoolhouse, which was built in 1873 by the influential Mead family, who purchased land in this area centuries ago. In 1935, Manhattan doctor Helen Miller bought the schoolhouse to use as a home and office. She renamed it L’Ecole and later willed it to the town for use as a museum and historical archive.

Today, the intricate museum collection covers centuries of Kinnelon history. Visitors can pour over maps, manuscripts, photographs, deeds and plenty of other documents that record this area’s settlement and development since the 1800s.

Of Special Note:
• Dr. Helen Miller was a pioneering oncologist specializing in women’s health.
• In 1935, Wilton Mead became the mayor of Kinnelon.
• The property was an industrious working farm, famous for producing and supplying butter during ration-era WWII.

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25 Kiel Ave * Kinnelon * NJ 07405

Sat-Sun: 1pm-4pm


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