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The 107-mile Morris Canal connected the Delaware River to the Hudson River in a unique transportation system that enabled the development of the northern part of the state from 1829 to 1924. Since 1969, The Canal Society of New Jersey has been restoring, preserving and studying portions of the canal system and the many artifacts they uncover along the way. Visitors can take a canal boat ride, join a walking tour or explore the wonderfully curated museum.

Each year, the Society sponsors the popular Canal Days at Waterloo and Waterloo Heritage Days, which offer the public rare access to this unique area. With today’s exploration of hydraulics and alternative energy, the fascinating Morris Canal system is more relevant than ever.

New Jersey’s second canal, the Delaware & Raritan, covered 44 miles and ran between Bordentown and New Brunswick. It operated from 1834 to 1932. The Canal Society of New Jersey also studies this canal.  Become a member of the Canal Society of New Jersey for $25/year.

Of Special Note:

  • The Morris Canal ran from Phillipsburg to Jersey City.
  • There are 30 towns along the canal.
  • Its original power source was two mules and its original travel time was five days…one way.
  • The canal had 23 lift locks and 11 guard locks.


A Morris Canal Boat is Discovered and Preserved    

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