Boonton Arts

Boonton Arts is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring the cultural, social and economic development of Boonton and surrounding areas through the power of art. They work with artists, students, and community members to facilitate art projects that enrich the community and beautify public spaces.

Boonton Arts creates an unique art project every summer to raise money for three local animal shelters, Boonton Arts and artists.  It is a public art installation showcasing artists’ custom designs on life-sized fiberglass dog sculptures displayed on Boonton’s Main Street.  The dogs are on display from June through August and attract viewers from all over the county and beyond.

Boonton Arts started a mural project. Artists created a huge patriotic mural located on the side of Boonton’s VFW Post 242 in 2015. More murals are planned to beautify Boonton while respecting its unique history and architecture.

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