A botanic garden and public park, Bamboo Brook Outdoor Education Center’s 670 acres include fields, woodlands, and a formal garden designed by Martha Brookes Hutcheson, one of the first female landscape architects in the United States. From 1911 to 1959, this was “Merchiston Farm,” the home of William and Martha Hutcheson.

The Gardens (including the Coffee Terrace, Circular Pool, and the Upper and Lower Waters) have been fully restored to their appearance from 1945 and are listed on the New Jersey State and National  Registers of Historic Places.

Of Special Note:

  • Hutcheson attended MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning
  • Hiking trails wind through fields and brooks
  • Spot a variety of birds, butterflies and wildlife
  • Available for weddings
  • Managed by the Morris County Park Commission
Contact info

170 Longview Rd * Far Hills * NJ 07931

Dawn to dusk


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