The Morris County Tourism Bureau (MCTB) is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit destination marketing organization that positively affects the economy of Morris County by promoting the area’s exceptional historic, cultural and recreational opportunities by providing services to residents, business travelers and tourists.

The Role of a DMO:

  • Tell the destination story
  • Provide a platform for local stakeholders to benefit from increased visitation
  • Stimulate visitor spending
  • Inform private and public development decision
  • Spearhead a consistent brand message for tourism partners


Group of people walking through Morristown, New Jersey

Value of Tourism in Morris County

  • Revenues generated: $2.1 Billion = 4.1 % of MC economy (top 10)
  • Jobs created: 28,700 = 9.8 % of MC jobs (top 5)
  • Local taxes collected: $290 Million
  • Hotel Occupancy tax: $ 11.1 Million
  • Residents tax savings: $700/year

National Statistics:
1980–2016 – spending on tourism has increased by 200% vs. only 75% for other categories
1998-2014 – Hospitality/Tourism outperformed all other industries in job growth – 10% vs -1%
33% of new residents first visited as a tourist
20% of executives attending a conference will book meetings in host city within 5 years
27% of executives chose corporate HQ/Distribution sites based on previous business travel
For each 1% growth in tourism jobs, there is a 3% increase in overall job growth (iceberg effect)

Morris County, located 30 miles west of NYC, is home to some of America’s most important history and culture just waiting for you to explore. Start by walking in the footsteps of Revolutionary icons such as George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, then pick apples right off the tree at one of our verdant farms and end your day having a delicious dinner; discover how to make my weekend Morris County!
6 Court St. Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: 973-631-5151
Leslie Bensley Photo of Jane Joe Executive Director at Morris County Tourism Bureau
6 Court St. Morristown, NJ 07960
973-631-5151 [email protected]